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Foobnix Simple and Powerful music player for Linux
All best features in one player

Alpha version of the player foobnix

Current version 0.2.2-10

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Design of the new version is as follows:

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Download http://github.com/foobnix/foobnix/archives/master

List of changes:
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31-Oct-2010 21:10

The right music on the site foobnix

Foobnix Search only searches for the real sites where there is music.
Now the list consists of:



Offers suggestions of sites with music in the comments, add them to the correct search.
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24-Sep-2010 15:09

Added statistics daily audience player.

Player during startup checks for new version (option can be disabled in options).
These requests are processed and it will be statistics .
Each player has a unique identifier, with repeated reference player is not counted.
Maybe it is not quite accurate, but some can be judged on the size of the audience player.
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20-Sep-2010 21:09

References - new section on the site.

Now the site can post comments to articles.
Added section reviews where the so-You can leave a comment.
As well as improved appearance, and short links.
Ur friends!
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19-Sep-2010 23:09

Added about 100 new stations

The next version of the player replenished approximately 100 radio stations
Here is a list XIPH_ORG.fpl
taken from the site xiph.org
If someone wants to listen to them before - put this file in the folder:
/ Usr / share / foobnix / radio /

All radio stations that are installed with the player, you can see here
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10-Sep-2010 11:09